Strategic Positioning

Positioning and re-positioning of organisations and individuals, often where there is new leadership, new vision or a landmark challenge or opportunity. 

Cultural Education

Fresh, creative and innovative thinking about the opportunities for arts and cultural learning. Particular focus is given to combining excellence with the broadest possible access, and targeting audiences appropriately.

Corporate Communications

Creating the fundamental building blocks of a successful communications strategy; from core narrative, brand and key messages to high level media and opinion-former support.

Campaigns and Initiatives

Drawing on deep knowledge of the cultural arena and political landscape, together with a creative and committed approach,  to develop effective strategies, harness stakeholder and wider public support, and deliver results.


Building and facilitating public-private partnerships and collaborations across sectors. Overseeing pilot projects. Bringing complementary visions together. Creating sustainable relationships.

Informing Policy

Shaping cultural policy at the highest level, developing key proposals on culture, the humanities and the arts , and drafting reports and policy documents for senior political stakeholders.

Executive Expertise

Sound, imaginative and above all actionable Board-level advice, with a particular focus on effective advocacy to support evidence-based decision making.